Hiring Internet Marketing Help for the Small Business Owner

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  1. First of all, thanks for the plug! I decided to interview YuDu and write about their business services because I’ve been trying to delegate more. I have a VA and have a wonderful virtual team. I took inventory of everything I’m doing and realized that I should be delegating half of what I do each day. I’m wasting my time “overtasking” instead of working to get more business and building my business.

    Do you outsource?

  2. I completely agree with your point on outsourcing work. Why waste time marketing your business online when you don’t know how to do it? Do what your good at–your business!

    Great post–and Michelle’s blog post you mentioned above provides an excellent solution for those looking to delegate minor yet pesky tasks to others.

  3. Thanks Brit. I believe small business owners should get some knowledge about marketing their business online.

    But most won’t ever become an expert internet marketer. That’s why they should hire someone to do it for them. Whether it’s “in-house” or if they outsource, they need to have someone do it now.

  4. Michelle, thanks for your comment and your blog. I’ve always had to outsource. I’ve used programmers from across the globe for different projects. Some worked well. Others, not so much. I’ve also used services like, https://yourmaninindia.com/, to take care of tasks like research, entering bookkeeping transactions etc.

  5. you Said..
    If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably thinking, “I already put-in twelve hour days. How am I going to do all the stuff the internet marketing gurus are telling me to do?”

    Good point.

    The problem is the small businesses are in a catch 22. they work all the time so they have no time, and from my experience most of the small businesses are working on a shoe string budget and do not have the funds to pay out to outsource. i run into this issue all the time.

    • DR Net,
      You are totally right – it’s tough for small business owners to spend on help getting things done. That’s why YuDu is different. We are on demand, so you only use us when you need us. And you can get 5 hours of our assistance for $100. Think of all that could get done in 5 hours – and you don’t have to use it all at once! We would likely ending up saving you money in the long run.

  6. Thanks for the comment Dr Net. Most small businesses get to a place where they have to hire help. Or they stay on a treadmill 24/7 until they just wear themselves out.

    Michael Gerber says it best, “If they don’t fail outright, most businesses fail to fully achieve their potential. That’s because the person who owns the business doesn’t truly know how to build a company that works without him or her.. which is the key.”

    I recommend Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth Revisited, for any small business owner who thinks they can’t afford help or don’t trust others to help them.

  7. Be thorough with implementation – adopt early the discipline of good working habits – do not carry out task just for the sake of it – delegate the right task – I have learnt this from the 4 hour work week by Timothy Ferriss

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