Competing Against the Big Retailers and Winning: The Big Secret Found Tucked Beneath the Folds of the Zappo’s Story

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  1. Doug,

    I love this customer service spotlight you do on Zappos. It’s funny because that’s what I love about Zappos. I’ve never had a problem with them and they’re so accommodating.

    I would have to say that many times I choose restaurants to go to and stores to purchase from based on their customer service. I recently went to a restaurant that had delicious food, but the customer service was so bad that I doubt I’ll ever go back. See how bad customer service can make or break your business? Thanks for the great post Doug!

  2. Having good customer service is only a small part of what this post is about. The “BIg Idea” in this post is that committing to doing something above average or doing something bold and beyond what everyone else does “matters.”

    In Zappos case, they chose customer service as their vehicle for going above and beyond. Steve Jobs and Apple commit to making “insanely great” products. Commit to something bold. Go beyond what everyone else is doing. It will create “buzz.” It will differentiate you from the big box retailers.

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